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Clermont Veterinarian on Choosing the Right Dog For Your Family September 22, 2017

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Clermont Veterinarian on Choosing the Right Dog For Your Family, Clermont, Georgia

When you bring a dog into your home, you are welcoming a new member of the family. Choosing the right pup to join your clan can be tough—especially when there’s an overwhelming selection of cute canines at your local animal shelter or pet shop. To help make the process easier, the veterinarians of Clermont Veterinary Hospital in Hall County, GA, share their insights and factors to consider. 

Here are some elements to think about when choosing a dog:

  • Physical Characteristics: Your kids might be dreaming of a playful golden Labrador retriever, but if you’re living in a cramped apartment, this might be too big for your tastes. In addition to your potential pup’s size, consider their coat and whether you can handle a dog who sheds a lot. Short-haired dogs require less regular maintenance than long-haired breeds or those with curly hair, like poodles.
  • veterinary careTemperament: Various breeds of dogs have distinct personalities. For instance, while rottweilers or great Danes are great guard dogs, bulldogs and collies are known for their gentle dispositions. Dogs bred for a certain purpose are going to retain the characteristics they were “made” for, like herding or guarding. Do some research to find breeds that matches your family’s lifestyle.
  • Puppy or Adult: A new puppy is adorable, but it also brings way more responsibility than an older dog will. Realistically assess whether your family has the time and energy required to train and nurture a young pup. If you do decide on a young dog, see if you can “meet” its parents; their behavior may indicate how your little one will turn out.

Like people, every dog is different. Before taking any canine home with you, take the time to get to know it and assess its behavior and personality. A veterinarian can also advise you regarding suitable breeds that will meet your family’s needs.

Once you do get a new dog, you’ll want to have a veterinarian check them out. For help in the Hall County, GA, area look to Clermont Veterinary Hospital. From puppy shots to deworming, these veterinary care professionals provide services that will get your dog off to a healthy and happy start with your family. Find out more via their new patient center. You can request an appointment by calling (770) 983-7851.

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