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What Factors Affect the Manufacturing Lead Times of Power Transmission Products? September 21, 2017

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What Factors Affect the Manufacturing Lead Times of Power Transmission Products?, Delavan, Wisconsin

One of the most common questions the knowledgeable team at Industrial Component Sales gets is how long it takes for Industrial Components such as Chain, Bearings, Belts Sprockets or Clutches to be delivered. The correct answer is, it depends on many factors;  The Hudson, WI-based company has proudly served the Midwest since 2000 and remains a leading power transmission products resource, specializing in, sprockets, roller chains, rod ends, v-belts, and bearings, and a host of other problem solvers. Take a quick look at what this premier company wants you to know about factors impacting manufacturing lead times.

3 Factors Affecting the Manufacturing Lead Times of Power Transmission Products

1. Location

Where power transmission products are manufactured plays a significant role in delivery dates. If your order must be manufactured in the USA, it could take less to for delivery to you than if produced overseas. Production planning, may have to create prints, source materials, or build tools to correctly produce your order.   “Made to Order” (MTO) products are not always readily available and frequently have to be specifically developed for your order. This takes time to do correctly.

2. Manufacturing Time

power transmission productsThe amount of time it takes to manufacture belts or sheaves, seals and other power transmission products can positively or adversely affect your business.   Some products offer quick and easy assembly, while others are more complex. Regardless, attention to detail is an extremely important focus with our all our manufacturers. Quality is what our customers expect and we deliver!

3. Shipping Method

Another important factor impacting lead times is the selected shipping method. The chosen method often depends on where the product is being shipped from, such as a domestic or foreign location. A product being sent from abroad by boat, for example, will generally require about 4 weeks on the water as opposed to about one week when using airfreight. These times are not guaranteed as the freight must pass through Customs after its voyage. This could add 1-5 business days depending on the time of year and other factors. The correct paperwork accompanying your freight will affect delivery time and cost. When products are shipped domestically it may take as little as one business day or as many as five to ship from East to West coasts. Keep in mind, delivery times are always counted in business days, weekend deliveries cost additional.

The best way to cut your delivery time and your freight costs is by forecasting and planning. well.  Negotiating special rates with a carrier of your choice is both smart and cost-efficient. It also makes more sense for your business cash flow and production or sales efforts.   

For your power transmission requirements reach out to Industrial Component Sales today! The company proudly serves North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Northern Illinois, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Call (651) 270-0151 to speak with John, or visit the  to view the complete power transmission product line and the professional Representative in your area.

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