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3 Reasons You Need an Attorney When Going Through a Divorce September 4, 2017

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3 Reasons You Need an Attorney When Going Through a Divorce, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Handling the legal aspects of a divorce can easily become unmanageable during an already difficult time. A skilled divorce attorney should be one of the first people you contact after you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways. Among their many benefits, they will advocate for your best interests and help you make unbiased decisions.

Below are three reasons you need a family law attorney to help you navigate the legal terrain of a divorce:

1. Get Objective Advice

Your family law attorney is your prime source of neutral, objective advice on all matters relating to your divorce. They will counsel you on the legal options available to you and the best paths to pursue. They will also help you understand what kind of settlement and property and asset division are most realistic for your situation. Simply put, you get an honest assessment of your legal case and the solutions most beneficial to you.

2. Have Assistance Calculating Spousal & Child Support

attorneyIn some divorces where one spouse earns a vastly larger income than their partner, financial support may be necessary. In families involving minors, child support will likely need to be paid by the noncustodial parent. Your attorney handles all these calculations for you, working to get you the resources you and your family need to move forward with the next chapter in your lives.

3. Draw Up Effective Custody Plans

The stability and well-being of your children are crucial during a time of such major transition. Having solid custody plans that look out for the best interests of the kids go a long way in ensuring their welfare. Your lawyer will draw up documents that give your children the needed support and consistency and will negotiate as necessary to ensure these plans meet the needs of the family and its changing dynamics.


If you need a divorce attorney, Tom Ganim at the law firm of Ganim, Ganim & Ganim, P.C., has been serving clients in the Bridgeport, CT, area for over 25 years. He provides quality legal counsel and will fight to ensure you get the custody and support you deserve. Call (203) 372-7772 or visit his website to make an appointment for a consultation. You can also follow the firm's Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date on relevant news and information. 

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