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What Can a Divorce Attorney Do for You? August 18, 2017

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What Can a Divorce Attorney Do for You?, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Going through a divorce is a challenging process, and facing the courts by yourself can be intimidating. Whether you are initiating or receiving a divorce petition, having a divorce attorney represent you will make the process easier. With more than 100 years of experience, Hale Skemp Hanson Skemp & Sleik in La Crosse, WI, offers zealous and compassionate representation and helps clients understand the divorce process and how to present their case.

The Important Ways a Divorce Attorney Can Help You

Plan a Strategy

Divorce attorneys can evaluate clients’ circumstances from a legal standpoint and develop a strategy to achieve your short- and long-term goals. When necessary, they can call on business lawyers or estate planning attorneys to help establish a plan for your life after divorce.    

Locate Assets

Your spouse may have property, cash, or resources hidden that should be considered when dividing the marital assets. An experienced divorce attorney can investigate and locate such assets and petition the court to make them available.

Negotiate or Mediate

divorce-attorney-La-Crosse-WIMany divorcing couples resolve contested issues through negotiation. Divorce attorneys who are skilled negotiators can obtain favorable settlement terms for their clients in matters, including spousal support, asset and debt division, and child support. When spouses mediate their disputes voluntarily or participate in court-ordered mediation, divorce attorneys can advise and represent their clients in the mediation sessions.   

Seek Protective Orders

You may need a restraining order to keep your spouse away from your workplace. Your children may need the coverage of a protective order while you seek custody based on your spouse’s substance abuse or acts of domestic violence. Your divorce attorney knows the most effective ways to obtain court protection for you and your children before, during, and after the divorce.

The skilled attorneys from Hale Skemp Hanson Skemp & Sleik are dedicated to serving your best interests and achieving the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Contact them via their website or call (608) 784-3540 to make an appointment with a member of this full-service law firm today.  Follow them on Twitter or visit their Facebook page for new developments.

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