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Power Transmission Product Seller Compares V-Belts to Cogged Belt Systems August 17, 2017

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Power Transmission Product Seller Compares V-Belts to Cogged Belt Systems, Delavan, Wisconsin

Running a production plant means understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different industrial parts and equipment. One of the more important distinctions is between V-Belt and cog belt systems. While V-belt systems are still the most popular model, cog belts sport attractive characteristics that can make choosing between the two systems difficult. Industrial Component Sales, a power transmission product provider based in Bemidji, MN, takes a look at the two popular belt drive systems. power transmission product

  • The Most Popular Choice: V-belts are currently the most-used belt drive system. V-belts start out with an efficiency of between 95-98 percent and are known to deteriorate up to 5 percent or more if the belt is not regularly re-tensioned. 
  • Cogged Belts: Cogged belts have ridges or slots that run perpendicular to the belt. This innovation allows for slightly higher efficiency and greater longevity. Because of their design, cogged belts also offer a moderate increase in horsepower, allowing them to handle heavier loads. 
  • Consider the Trade-Offs: While cogged belts have some important advantages, that doesn't necessarily mean manufacturers should rush to replace their V-belts with cogged ones, though. For one, cogged belts are usually more expensive. They also create more friction than their V-belt counterparts, an effect that produces more power but also increases the risk of issues such as torque spikes. And, of course, brand and product line quality can make all the difference, turning out a long-lasting, reliable V-belt or producing a less-than-stellar cog belt. 

Industrial Components Sales offers 10 major power transmission product lines, including IPTCI Bearings, Royersford, and Bestorq, to the upper Midwest, making it the top company for power transmission products in a handful of states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, northern Illinois and the UP of Michigan and the Dakotas. In addition, Industrial Component Sales carries roller chains, mounted ball bearings, rod ends, and quality V-belts, including the Bestorq product line. Visit the power transmission provider's website to learn more about their principal product lines, or give the sales team a call at (651) 270-0151

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