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Top 3 Advantages of Using a Geothermal Heating System July 21, 2017

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Top 3 Advantages of Using a Geothermal Heating System, Lincoln, Nebraska

The growing focus on sustainable living has made geothermal heating systems increasingly popular with homeowners. Instead of burning fuel, a geothermal pump will draw heat from the ground and transfer it to a house, where it’s released inside. Despite the high up-front costs of installing one of these systems, it’s proven to be well worth the investment because of all the benefits they provide. The HVAC experts at Noakes Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration are proud to offer the residents of Lincoln, NE, high-quality geothermal heating and cooling solutions. Below, they explain some of the top advantages of using a geothermal system.

3 Reasons to Switch to Geothermal Heating

1. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Since geothermal energy is completely produced within the ground, it supports the movement many homeowners are making towards reducing their carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuels, it doesn’t require any combustion and generates very low levels of greenhouse gases. There is also minimal electricity used to power the pump that transfers heat into and out of a home.

2. Enjoy Energy Savings

geothermal heatingWhen compared to standard HVAC systems, the energy savings from using geothermal heating are tremendous. Some systems can deliver six times the heat for every one unit of electricity consumed. To get the best return, it’s a good idea to select a system that is eligible for tax credits.

3. Increase Household Safety

Because geothermal heating pumps use renewable energy sourced from the ground, this eliminates a household’s need to rely on flammable fossil fuels. This decreases the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, toxic fumes, and combustions, making homes safer.

Replacing a traditional HVAC system with geothermal heating and cooling will create a much more comfortable and cost-effective living environment. To speak with a reliable heating contractor about installation, contact Noakes Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration at (402) 223-5348. You can also visit their website for additional information. 

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