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Is Posture Causing Trigger Points, Neck Pain and Headaches July 5, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Is Posture Causing Trigger Points, Neck Pain and Headaches, Lincoln, Nebraska


One of the most common conditions of the cervical spine is tight muscles that extend the back of the neck and support an upright posture. Tightness in these muscle often respond with the formation of trigger points that can result in neck pain and headaches. 

It is common to sit at a desk all day utilizing computers, laptops, and phones to accomplish your work. These activities will cause you to  bring your head and neck into flexion to look down at what you are doing. This is a  cause of a  forward head posture that puts a lot of stress on the cervical spine resulting in tight muscles and neck pain. Tightness of the neck muscles can then be responsible for headaches.

“ For every inch of a FORWARD HEAD posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3.

There are things you can do to correct this posture  and lessen the stress on your muscles. Move your computer screen and smart phones to eye level when in use. Try to move your work closer to your body so the upper arm is relaxed and hanging down by your side. Utilize a headset for your phone to prevent the urge to hold a phone between your head and shoulder. Make sure your chair has good back and neck support and fits your body so that your thighs are horizontal and your feet touch the floor.

if your muscle are already tight and causing pain or headaches get help. Muscles with trigger points don’t typically release on their own and will cascade into more tightness and pain over time. At Trigger Point Myotherapy you will receive muscle tightness testing, trigger point pressure release, home stretches to retrain your muscle and ways to make your workspace better for your posture.


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