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Love Coffee? Here Are 5 Terms You Need to Know May 9, 2017

Love Coffee? Here Are 5 Terms You Need to Know, Las Vegas, Nevada

Coffee is a unique beverage unlike any other. It comes in hundreds of unique varieties and even has its own vocabulary. To help you navigate this linguistic innovation, the experts at your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have created a guide to the most common cupping and tasting terms. Check them out below!

5 Terms All Coffee Lovers Need to Know

coffee1. Body

The body refers to the physical mouth feel or texture of roast. If a coffee drink is described as “full-bodied,” that means it leaves a strong, creamy, and pleasant sensation in the mouth. A “light body,” on the other hand, is thinner.

2. Finish 

Finish, also known as the aftertaste, is the taste of a brewed coffee after swallowing. There are many ways to describe a finish including burnt, spicy, chocolatey, or earthy.

3. Primary Tastes

A finish or flavor detected by the tongue is a primary taste. There are four distinct primary tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Each one is recognized on a different part of the tongue.

4. Aroma

An aroma is the fragrance of brewed coffee. Aroma is often described in “notes.” For example, one might describe the smell of a coffee drink as having floral notes.

5. Secondary Tastes 

The aroma closely influences the finish or flavor of coffee. Thus, many coffee cuppers refer to this phenomenon as a secondary taste.

Test Your Skills at Your Local CBTL!

Want to put your knowledge of these terms to the test? Visit your nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today to sample any one of their delicious, complex roasts. To preview their menu, check out the coffee shop’s website.

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