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Top 3 Espresso Drinks You Need to Try May 3, 2017

Top 3 Espresso Drinks You Need to Try, Las Vegas, Nevada

Espresso is a unique drink that has touched the hearts of coffee connoisseurs everywhere. However, if you’ve never had it before, the name might brew confusion. To help you navigate the menu at your local coffee shop, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has put together of the top three espresso-based beverages you need to try. Check them out below!

3 Best Espresso Drinks

coffee1. Latte

Of course, you can have a shot of espresso on its own. However, if you’re looking to ease into this new coffee drink, a latte is the way to go. This sweet drink contains freshly pulled shots of espresso along with steam milk and a thick foam. When poured a particular way, this milk will create a beautiful design. 

2. Cappuccino

Like a latte, a cappuccino is an Italian beverage prepared with a double shot of espresso, hot milk, and steam. The main difference between the two coffee drinks is the milk content. Lattes contain more milk, thus giving the cappuccino a stronger taste.

3. Americano

An Americano is a shot of espresso with hot water. However, the water doesn’t dilute the drink’s velvety body or earthy flavor.

Try All Three at Your Local CBTL!

Want to sample these delicious beverages for yourself? Visit your nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today!

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