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How Water Cleanups Prevent Home & Health Damage April 28, 2017

South Hills, Covington
How Water Cleanups Prevent Home & Health Damage, Covington, Kentucky

Prolonged exposure to excessive moisture is not only detrimental to your home furnishings, but it can also lead to certain health complications. With this in mind, the professional team at ServiceMaster Restoration by BTM in Fort Mitchell, KY, emphasizes timely water cleanups in case of a home flooding. Below, their technicians share how prompt water damage reparations can help curb the threat a flood poses to your home and health.

Water Cleanups Minimize Health Hazards

water cleanupA bit of moisture is all it takes for mold and mildew to spread throughout your home. As a result, those with mold allergies are likely to suffer from allergic reactions and respiratory difficulties in the aftermath of an infestation. Pooled water inside your home is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and waterborne illnesses.

A water damage restoration contractor can save you from these health threats by efficiently handling the flooding issue and leaving your home absolutely clean. Their expertise in water cleanups ensures that your home will remain free of allergens and disease-causing parasites.

Water Restoration Reduces Home Damage

Professionally handled water cleanup jobs also spare your home and furnishings from irreparable damage. If left unaddressed, stagnant water can get absorbed into your home’s walls, foundation, and other structural components, leading to their early demise. Visible signs of water-induced damage include a weakening home structure, peeling wall treatments, and compromised floors. Investing in timely water removal reduces the damage to your home and furnishings, sparing you from expensive restoration and repair services. 

Place your trust in ServiceMaster Restoration by BTM and see for yourself how they ensure absolutely foolproof water cleanups for your property. These qualified experts boast more than 50 years of water reparation experience. For further information about their services, call (859) 363-0899 or visit their website.

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