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5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool More Energy-Efficient February 27, 2017

Kihei, Maui
5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool More Energy-Efficient, Kihei, Hawaii

While having a swimming pool in your backyard can make it much easier to avoid the cost of a summer vacation, your private oasis may be costing you in terms of energy. In fact, Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, notes that some in-ground pools—especially those that are heated—can make up nearly 30% of your monthly energy bill.

Fortunately, the joy of cooling off doesn’t necessarily have to come with the pain of increased spending on your electricity. To maximize your pool’s energy savings, consider these tips from Maui’s best pool contractor.

5 Tips for Cutting Down Your Swimming Pool’s Energy Use

1. Go Solar

If you own a heated swimming pool, the bulk of your energy costs will go toward keeping the water warm. Many times, pool owners can save by exchanging their pool heater for a more energy-efficient heat pump or gas model. For even bigger savings, you can use Hawaii’s sunny environment to your advantage by installing a solar-powered heater for your in-ground pool.

2. Cover Your Pool

swimming poolWhen you’re not using your heated swimming pool, most of the warmth will escape through the top of the water, costing you big time. Make use of an insulated pool cover to keep heat where it belongs.

3. Adjust the Temperature

If your swimming pool energy costs are rising, changing the temperature of the heater thermostat—even just a few degrees—can make a big difference. Many times, you won’t notice a difference in comfort from this slight adjustment.  

4. Upgrade Pool Lights

If your swimming pool has lights installed, you may want to check what type of bulb they use. Older halogen bulbs can cost you significantly more than energy-efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs also last longer, meaning you’ll have to change them less.

5. Automate Your Pool Pump  

While your pool’s circulation and filtration system are essential to keeping your water clean and refreshing, manually-operated devices can use more energy than they need to. Instead, you may want to consider the alternative of an automated pump system that won’t just help limit operation times, but will also make pool maintenance a whole lot easier.

If you want to improve your pool’s energy efficiency before the summer arrives, you can turn to Pool Pro on Maui for a wide selection of swimming pool supplies. Visit them online to learn more about their comprehensive pool services or call (808) 879-3294 to see if they have the specific equipment you need for energy-saving swimming.

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