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Top 4 FAQs About Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer January 4, 2017

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Top 4 FAQs About Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer, La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you sustain serious injuries on the job, there are programs in place to help ensure that you do not suffer financially while you are recovering. A workers’ comp lawyer will help you explore your options regarding these programs. In La Crosse, WI, locals turn to Hale Skemp Hanson Skemp & Sleik to help them find the proper compensation they deserve.

Today, these expert attorneys are answering some frequently asked questions about hiring a workers’ comp lawyer and the process of filing a workers’ claim.

Top FAQs About Hiring A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When Do I Need To Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you want to pursue benefits after sustaining injuries at work, it’s in your best interest to hire a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible. The actions you take during the first month immediately following your accident will play a direct role in determining whether you qualify for benefits. When you work with an experienced attorney, you can successfully avoid jeopardizing your eligibility for compensation.

Why Should I Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Although it is not necessary to workers comp attorneyhire an attorney to pursue workers’ compensation, working with a skilled lawyer will provide you with a number of benefits. From gathering evidence that builds your case to negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, your attorney will do the heavy lifting, so all you have to focus on is your recovery.

How Long Do I Have To File A Workers’ Comp Claim?

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, you should report any injuries to your employer as soon as possible. In most scenarios, this should happen within 30 days of the incident.To qualify for benefits, you must file a claim within two years following the accident. If your employer should have known about the injury, though, you have 12 years to file a claim.

Will An Attorney Help If My Coworkers Are Not Cooperating?

Part of your attorney’s job will be gathering evidence that indicates that your employer is at least partially responsible for your injuries. Although this might mean talking to witnesses who were present when the incident occured, you should avoid involving your coworkers in your case unless it is absolutely necessary. 

If you sustained injuries at work and are looking to file a claim, turn to Hale Skemp Hanson Skemp & Sleik in La Crosse, WI. Visit their website to learn more about how an injury attorney from their firm will help, and call (608) 784-3540 to schedule a consultation with a workers’ comp lawyer today.

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