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The Surprising Reason We Drink Coffee In The Morning November 10, 2016

Monroe, Ouachita
The Surprising Reason We Drink Coffee In The Morning, Monroe, Louisiana

Few things go better with donuts than coffee. Just ask the customers at Donut Palace in Monroe, LA. As a popular, family-owned breakfast shop, Donut Palace dishes up delicious donuts and fresh-brewed coffee to crowds every morning, but have you ever wondered where this morning routine started? It turns out, Europeans started drinking coffee early in the day as a means of avoiding alcohol.

CoffeeLong ago, it was tradition to drink alcohol in the morning, but sometime in the late 1700s, people switched to coffee as means of staying sober. Coffee delivered a similar buzz without leaving consumers drunk and unable to function. Until then, coffee had been a drink associated only with the aristocratic. As countries began to industrialize and workers headed to the factory for days full of long work hours, coffee kept people warm and stimulated.

Of course, not much has changed in that regard. Many workers nowadays rely on coffee to wake them up in the morning and keep them aware throughout the day. Now, coffee is not only a morning drink, but it’s also a preferred taste for morning, noon, and night.

As for its relationship to donuts, that’s because the two simply taste delicious together. Whether you dip your donut into your coffee or prefer to savor each individually, there’s no denying coffee makes a perfect companion to those fluffy, sugary donuts.

As the name implies, Donut Palace features a large selection of donuts, including many jelly-filled options. Choose from lemon, crème, chocolate, blueberry, and raspberry, and pair it with a fresh cup of coffee anytime during the day. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. Donut Palace also serves croissant sandwiches with meats, eggs, cheese, and more. No matter what you select off the menu, you can rest assured it will be made hot and fresh.

Stop by Donut Palace, or call (318) 605-4834 to see what selection is available today. You can also view their menu online.

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