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The Fascinating Process of Making Donuts October 18, 2016

Monroe, Ouachita
The Fascinating Process of Making Donuts, Monroe, Louisiana

Donuts are one of America’s favorite breakfast foods, but have you ever wondered how these round, frosted treats are made? The team at Donut Palace in Monroe, LA, explains the process of making donuts. The family-owned pastry shop offers decadent donuts, croissants, and kolaches, along with freshly brewed coffee to jump-start your morning. 

While every donut shop makes their treats a bit differently, the basic ingredients are the same. The dry ingredients include flour, sugar, and salt. Wet ingredients comprise milk, water, shortening, eggs, and flavorings, which give donuts the tasty, moist texture. Finally, donut shops use either yeast or baking powder to leaven the dough into a fluffy pastry. 

donutThe best donut shops master a rather complicated manufacturing process to create addictive breakfast pastries. Bakers start by carefully mixing and kneading the ingredients in a mixer affixed with a dough hook. The dough is then left for a short period to rest and rise, which gives donuts a spongy texture (perfect for dunking in coffee).

Next, the dough is sent through an extruder and stamper, machines that give donuts their classic round shape and undergo a proofing session in a warm box. Finally, bakers fry the donuts and glaze them with delicious frosting to create the finished product you see on pastry shop shelves.

Donut Palace prides itself on creating the best donuts in Monroe at its three pastry shop locations. To see if your favorite breakfast pastry flavor is still in stock, call (318) 605-4834. You can also stay up-to-date on social media by liking them on Facebook.  

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