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Pool Maintenance During Hurricane Season September 14, 2016

Kihei, Maui
Pool Maintenance During Hurricane Season , Kihei, Hawaii

Severe weather conditions like hurricanes and tropical storms cannot be avoided, but the damage they cause to your property can be mitigated. Preparedness is key, and the best way to prepare for any type of weather is to start the process well in advance. To protect your swimming pool from becoming a potential hazard to your family, it’s important to take certain measures that will ensure its structural integrity is upheld. Residents of Kihei, HI, keep their swimming pools safe and undamaged during bad weather through top-notch pool maintenance by Pool Pro.

Here are a few things you can do to prep your swimming pool for hurricane season:

  • Do Not EmPool-Pro-pool-maintenance-Kihei-HIpty The Pool: Even though hurricane season causes water levels to rise, never empty your swimming pool. Keeping some water inside the pool will give it the necessary weight to hold up the entire pool structure during high winds. Consult your pool maintenance provider about how much water you can drain to allow rain to accumulate, and have them inspect your pool deck to make sure that it can drain water efficiently.
  • Check Your Pool Cover: If your pool cover is kept in place with weights or water tubes, do not leave them on the pool, as they can quickly take flight during high winds. However, if you have a safety pool cover, leave it on the pool; they are designed to withstand severe weather.
  • Clear The Pool Deck: To prevent untoward injury and damage, it is crucial that you clear the deck of any furniture, toys, and other objects that might go flying during high winds. Hurricanes are typically preceded by strong gusts, so close up any umbrellas as soon as possible and store them inside the house or garage.

Oncoming storms can seriously damage your swimming pool, but you can easily prevent problems by hiring a pool maintenance expert to implement an effective safety plan. Schedule an appointment with the pool service experts at Pool Pro by calling (808) 879-3294 or by sending a message through their website.

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