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Honolulu Shirt Shop is committed to providing customers with professional and affordable t-shirt printing and garment design. With personalized t-shirts, embroidery, and wholesale shirts available, this shirt printing service creates high quality, durable shirts for any occasion. Established in 1984, this printing company has always been on the forefront of the industry, investing in the most advanced printers, t-shirt ink, and design tools. Additionally, the team of expert screen printers guides you through the entire order and printing process to make sure you, your company, and your sports team receives fantastic results.

Every t-shirt design project is different, each having unique requirements and a specific vision. This team of passionate print artists take each customer through a personalized approach to their project. Whether you have a single, one-time order, a monthly contract, or a large bulk shipment, your personalized t-shirt is guaranteed. This team helps you create a bold and unique design, embroidering your existing logo onto a t-shirt, or collaborating on an original creation.

With the most advanced printing techniques, t-shirt ink, and wholesale shirt, Honolulu Shirt Shop offers it all. Whether it's a new uniform, a one-of-a-kind shirt, or a bulk order of promotional t-shirts, these print artists are ready to take your order. Call this shirt designer at (808) 847-0831 and place your next order today!

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