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Steven P. Ciardiello, Esq., Personal Injury Attorneys, Services, Hamden, Connecticut

The numerous laws that surround your personal injury case can be difficult to understand, which is why having an experienced lawyer by your side is necessary. At the law offices of Steven P. Ciardiello Esq, PC, clients will receive knowledgeable legal counsel from a skilled personal injury attorney. For more than 30 years, Steven P. Ciardiello has fought for the rights of the injured in Hamden, Connecticut, and the surrounding area.

Steven has built a strong reputation in the community for his wealth of expertise in the area of personal injury law. Whether you’ve suffered an injury on the job, in an auto accident or during a medical procedure, he will make sure you have expert legal representation. His office is equipped with the latest technology in the field, which allows him to better pursue the damages you’re entitled to throughout the course of your lawsuit.

In addition to personal injury cases, Steven is well-versed in bankruptcy law. If you’re having a hard time paying bills, he will help guide you to the appropriate legal solutions to obtain financial relief. Families looking for help with estate planning can also take advantage of his skills. From living wills and trusts to probate court and real estate law, he will assist you in making the correct decisions for your family.

For professional legal services you deserve, get the skilled attorney at Steven P. Ciardiello Esq, PC. Call his office today at (203) 248-8000 to schedule a consultation, or contact him online.

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