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Since 1983, Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. has provided first-rate plumbing services to homes and businesses in Cincinnati and throughout the Tri-State area. They are licensed master plumbers specializing in new construction, home remodels, and plumbing repair services. They are also highly experienced in sewer and drain cleaning, sump pump maintenance and backhoe services.

When you call Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. out, you’ll get service from a long-time employee with years of experience, able to quickly and effectively handle any plumbing problem you might have, from broken garbage disposals to leaking toilets. They charge a minimum of one hour for each call, but if your repair takes less time you can ask the plumber to take a look at other minor problems. This makes sure you get what you pay for, but can also help prevent major problems down the road.

Whether you just need a leaky faucet fixed, or are planning on having a whole new system installed, Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. will deliver the most reliable plumbing services in town. They are a registered installer of water and sewer laterals and backflow prevention testers.

For prompt, reliable service from our experienced plumbers, call Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. at (513) 941-6766.

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