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The BonBonerie

The BonBonerie

2030 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45208
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Whether you’re looking for a wedding cake or a lemon tart, The Bonbonerie has the stunningly delicious selection of treats you need. For more than 30 years, Cincinnati, Ohio’s favorite bakery has baked unique creations that delight taste buds and warm hearts.

From Cincinnati all the way to New York, it seems like everyone’s talking about this bakery’s mouthwatering treats. The famous bakery has received over 20 awards, including Best of Wedding from The Knot and CityBeat Best, Best Bakery from Cincinnati Magazine, and Best of City Search.

The professional pastry chefs behind the magic, Mary Pat Pace and Sharon Butler, believe in making every item both beautiful and delicious. In part, they do this by baking everything from scratch with the finest, freshest ingredients. The finished products are more than sweet treats; they are works of art designed to be cherished and enjoyed. The bakery and café is warm and inviting, and the friendly bakers always treat valued customers exceptionally.

From flaky-crust pies to morning muffins and custom birthday cakes, The Bonbonerie is pleased to offer every treat you need. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they will create a custom order just for you. Have something truly extravagant in mind? They want to hear about it!

At this bakery, the customer is the priority. With a genuine passion for baking, Mary Pat and Sharon understand the joy a decadent, artful dessert can bring firsthand. They want to bring this amazing, one-of-a-kind experience to you and your loved ones. Satisfy your sweet tooth by heading to Cincinnati’s top bakery. Learn more about The Bonbonerie by visiting the website or calling a helpful employee at (513) 321-3399 today.

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