Honolulu, Hawaii

Paradise Seafood Restaurant

Paradise Seafood Restaurant

919 Keeaumoku St.
Honolulu, HI 96814
Paradise Seafood Restaurant, Seafood Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether sitting down for a quick bite or settling in for a lavish meal, you should always expect prompt, friendly service and fresh fare when dining at a seafood restaurant in Honolulu, HI. When locals and visitors want to enjoy ocean delicacies in the warmest, most-inviting atmosphere the island has to offer, they visit Paradise Seafood Restaurant.

No matter how big or small your appetite, you are bound to find a new favorite dish at this local seafood restaurant. The extensive menu includes a wide range of tried-and-true staples like ahi, halibut, crab, fresh sashimi, and clams. If you want to try something more exotic, Hawaiian specialties like poke and Korean dishes like bulgogi and hwe dup bap are available. You can wash down selections with an extensive array of hot and chilled sake, Korean beer, whiskey, soda, and shochu, a Japanese spirit made from rice, barley, sweet potatoes, and brown sugar.

What places Paradise Seafood Restaurant above every other seafood restaurant in the area is its commitment to providing customers with the best dining experience possible. They will answer questions, address allergy concerns, and make recommendations to ensure you enjoy your meal. A variety of dining options is available to accommodate groups of all sizes. If you’re celebrating a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or office party, you can spread out with 30 to 40 guests in the main dining room. If a romantic evening is on the agenda, you can enjoy an open-air lobster dinner under the stars. On busy days, you can grab your order to go and relax at home. Whatever the occasion, you can always expect your food to be fresh and flavorful.          

The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., and parking is available. To learn more about the seafood selection in Honolulu, call (808) 941-6080 to speak with a friendly team member. Visit Paradise Seafood Restaurant online to browse the complete menu. Like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements.   

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