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Sunflour Baking Company

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Sunflour Baking Company

2001 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 900-5268
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Sunflour Baking Company is a locally owned bakery offering homemade bread, cupcakes, pastries, and delicious desserts in Charlotte, NC. . Owners Umarin and Jack Parrish strive to create a space in which neighbors, friends, and families can enjoy good food and coffee. All customers are treated with the utmost warmth and hospitality, allowing everyone to enjoy invaluable comfort along with their bakery goods.

Everything at Sunflour is made from scratch, without any chemicals, artificial flavorings, preservatives, or dough conditioners. You’ll be able to pronounce every ingredient on the bakery’s menu. The selection of items you will find at Sunflour tends to vary with the seasons, as to support local produce vendors. This not only allows Sunflour Baking Company to support the community, but also gives you access to the freshest products and ingredients. All ingredients can be traced back to their basic origins.

Whether you’re looking for a welcoming coffee shop to get a start on your morning or you want to find festive items such as birthday cakes and mini cupcakes, the menu at Sunflour Baking Company includes a variety of delicious items that are sure to impress. Visit Sunflour online to take a full look at the menu or call (704) 900-5268 for more information.

Announcements & Events from Sunflour Baking Company
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