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Keeping the lights on in Prospect, CT, is all in a day’s work for the electricians at Accurate Electrical Contractors. With 14 years of electric repair and installation service, this family-owned and -operated business is proud to provide their neighbors with the assistance they need to maintain safe and efficient electrical systems. Their affordable prices and high service standards have earned them a large client base consisting of both residential and commercial property owners.

Accurate Electrical Contractors is known for “getting the job done right the first time,” and they don’t take that claim lightly. They realize you depend on your electrical system nearly every minute of every day, and they see it as their responsibility to keep your household up and running. Whether you hire them for a minor electrical repair or a custom project, you always receive service from a qualified electrician who takes pride in their work. Their electrical contractors go out of their way to meet your needs, and they guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results.

When the lights suddenly go out, leaving you in the dark, you know you can count on the emergency electrical repair services at Accurate Electrical Contractors. With only one call, they’ll send an electrician to your property to assess the situation and solve the problem. They install emergency generators, and they’ll maintain and repair your equipment to ensure it lives a long and useful life. In addition to emergency services, they also specialize in custom lighting installation. Their experts will design a lighting scheme to include indoor and outdoor to best benefit your unique property.

With their long list of electrical installation and repair services, you’ll come to trust Accurate Electrical Contractors with all your wiring needs. Schedule an appointment by calling (203) 509-7027. You’ll also learn more about their team of electricians by visiting them online.

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Service call trip which includes 1 hour of labor $149.00 normally $$169.00o read more