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When disaster strikes, whether it’s fire or flood, the extent of damage to your home and your sense of loss is overwhelming.  Even knowing where to begin can seem too big of a task. The highly trained and compassionate crew at Tri-State Restoration is a 24-hour, 365-day emergency home restoration company serving the Delhi, OH, area, including Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana.

Request immediate service, whether you are in the middle of a home flood or the aftermath of a fire. The NAMP- and IICRC-certified technicians can be there to assess the extent of fire and water damage and restore your home back to normal. Fires leave layers of soot that compromise both your health and the strength of your home. Water damage, if not treated immediately, can penetrate the walls, pipes, and infrastructure of your home and lead to dangerous mold and mildew buildup.

Call a professional home restoration service immediately to halt any further damage to your home. Soot is acidic, which will continue to eat away at your belongings as well as your home. Water damage is just as problematic. If water buildup is due to a burst water or sewer line, call Tri-State Restoration immediately to be on the scene. Using state-of-the-art equipment, their technicians can rectify the situation and restore your home to good health.

If you’ve just experienced a home fire, call the Ohio-based home restoration experts, and they’ll be there to walk through your home, give you a fair assessment, and guide you through the coming days. Like other families who have put their trust in this knowledgeable team at Tri-State Restoration, call them at 513-482-3400  or visit online.

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