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Johnstown, NY’s AccuStaff offers staffing and employment solutions to both employers searching for the perfect candidate and job seekers ready to find employment opportunities well-suited to their talents. The team at AccuStaff guarantees that all clients are satisfied with their services and that they find the best match for their job search.

AccuStaff has provided local businesses with staffing solutions since 1979. Clients rely on their professional, proactive approach to filling positions, from temporary jobs to permanent hires. AccuStaff takes the time to learn about their clients’ needs and works hard to ensure that positions are filled with the best possible candidates. Each staff member recruits the top job candidates in the area and ensures that they are qualified for the available positions. An affiliate of Randstad USA and listed as the Number One Employment Service by the Albany Business Review, AccuStaff’s recruiters will help clients with their staffing needs by testing and interviewing each job seeker. 

For those in search of a job, AccuStaff has the most comprehensive listing of job opportunities in the area, with available positions in all different industries and skill areas. The friendly staff members work with each potential client to find the best match for their skill sets. From administrative support to mechanical assembly and information technology, the recruiters take into account each job seeker’s experience and their applicable skills to ensure that they are placed correctly in their next job. The team also provides résumé reviews and job search advice to make sure each client is ready for their next interview or job opportunity.

AccuStaff is the top staffing recruitment agency in the Albany area. With more than 30 years of experience and three Upstate New York locations, employers and job seekers alike are guaranteed to find the perfect match in a variety of industries— and in both temporary and permanent capacities. For more information on their employment services, call (518) 736-1893.  To review current job openings and to submit your information, visit their website.

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