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When it comes to preserving the wholesome value of your drinking water supply, there’s no match for water treatments from Hague Water Conditioning. Our roots date back to 1949, this West central Ohio water purification company has provided exceptional water conditioner offer solutions to countless local clients. Actively contributing to the community, the company proudly donates to local charities. Whether you receive your supply from the city or your own well, trust their signature water conditioner systems to treat hard water efficiently.

Proudly housing an expansive inventory of highly advanced water treatment systems, Hague Water Conditioning can tailor its products to your individual requirements. While their fully customizable Water Max technology reduces many impurities as well as iron and hardness in water, their reverse osmosis drinking water systems further reduces  numerous impurities that the water conditioner can not. Their ultraviolet light purification systems are specifically designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses that may be in your well water. 

To help you resolve your hard water issues, the efficient staff at Hague Water Conditioning offers onsite water testing and evaluation completely free of charge. Based on their assessment, they will recommend targeted water treatments to eliminate bicarbonates, odor, and iron in water. Sharing over 110 years of experience between them, these water experts can customize the Water Max system in 83 different ways to meet your needs.

Recognized by the Water Quality Association and Better Business Bureau, Hague Water Conditioning is committed to providing you the best possible water. To learn more about their state-of-the-art UV light purification, water conditioners and reverse osmosis water systems, call (937) 465-6060 or visit their website.

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