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Apollo Electric Co.

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Apollo Electric is the most notable name in electrical installations, maintenance, and service in Cincinnati, OH, and has been servicing businesses and residents alike for more than 36 years. Founded in 1980 by George and Melba Wilburn, Apollo Electric has always believed in lending their neighbors a helping hand and always putting family first. In this spirit, the company was passed to the couple’s daughter and continues to provide both standard and advanced electric services to the Cincinnati community today.

As Cincinnati’s number one electrical engineering company, Apollo Electric specializes in electronics of various kinds, control automation, and motor control circuits. They also handle a variety of other electric services, with professionally trained electricians who are passionate about what they do. Their dedication to a job well done is reflected in their Better Business Bureau rating of A+, a grade they are committed to keeping with excellent customer service.

For customers who require at-home services, Apollo Electric is experienced in both indoor and outdoor lighting, even extending to pool illumination and electrical adjustments that may accompany remodeling. Commercial services range from storefront services to restaurant electrical, and can include both existing systems and new installations. Industrial clients can enjoy a range of more technologically in-depth services, such as switchboard installation and backup generator service; from a ceiling fan in a customer’s home to maintaining variable frequency drives, Apollo Electric is the clear choice for expert handling of all electrical issues.

For a reputable company that specializes in all areas of electric service, call Apollo Electric today at (513) 860- 4490. You can also visit them online to see a full list of services

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