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Gary T Kimoto MD

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Gary T Kimoto MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Health and Beauty, Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to your health, you should feel empowered, not confused and uncomfortable. This is why Gary T Kimoto MD and the staff at OB-GYN Associates are committed to providing comfortable, competent OB-GYN services, so you can feel confident in your women’s health care. This Honolulu gynecologist office serves the Oahu community with an emphasis on compassion and communication for women’s health care you can trust at any stage of your life.

As a comprehensive OB-GYN practice, OB-GYN Associates provides a range of services to meet each client’s unique needs. They’ll work with you, providing individualized attention to find the best option for your health. For those seeking birth control, they’ll help you make an educated choice, providing detailed information regarding options, including the pill, barrier methods, the birth control implant, and a copper IUD. 

When you’re ready to have a family, they’ll be by your side for the entire process, from the earliest prenatal care to delivery and post-pregnancy. Those who are facing infertility will find compassionate, competent support from OB-GYN practitioners with advanced training in reproductive endocrinology.

Of course, you visit the OB-GYN for reasons other than having a baby, which is why Gary T Kimoto MD and the practitioners at OB-GYN Associates understand that women’s health is a constantly evolving journey. They offer care from your first gynecologist visit all the way through and beyond menopause, answering questions and offering empowering support throughout your journey. 

Schedule your first appointment at their Honolulu office today by calling (808) 946-5238, or visit the website to learn more about how they can support you at this stage of your life.

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