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Prevent a Frozen Sewer Line With Drain Cleaning January 12, 2018

Pine Grove, Amador
Prevent a Frozen Sewer Line With Drain Cleaning, Pine Grove, California

One of the single most common winter plumbing issues is frozen pipework. When standing water in your sewer line freezes and expands, your pipes may crack or burst, causing service interruptions and leaving you with significant repair expenses. Amador Plumbing of Sutter Creek, CA, wants to help you keep your system in perfect running order during the cold months. Continue reading to learn more about preventing a frozen sewer line with drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning: How to Avoid Frozen Sewer Lines

Why They Freeze

Pipes are always more vulnerable when the temperatures plummet, and this includes your underground culverts. Though it is true your sewer line is less likely to freeze than the other pipes in your system, there are a handful of reasons why it may happen, including blockages, inadequate insulation, and a lack of consistent water flow. Plastic and copper pipes, too, tend to be especially susceptible to freezing, as are storm sewers.

What You Should Do Prevent It

drain cleaningFortunately, there are plenty of ways to protect your sewer line during the winter. If any portion of the pipe is exposed to the cold, use heat tape to wrap it, and insulate it with fiberglass. Cover any vents in your crawlspace with cardboard, seal up cracks or gaps in your basement with caulk, and cover up all access points. Above all else, remember to hire your local plumbers to perform drain cleaning services in advance of freezing conditions. They will completely clear your outdoor sewer line, removing any debris and blockages so fluids may travel smoothly through your pipes without having the chance to freeze. 

When you need affordable and dependable plumbing repair services, rely on Amador Plumbing to keep your system clean and completely functional. Give these plumbers a call at (209) 754-5444 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about booking an appointment for drain cleaning, and visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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