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3 Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips January 5, 2018

Boscobel, Grant
3 Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips, Boscobel, Wisconsin

If you’re planning to welcome a furry family member into your home, you may be wondering how to keep your interior looking fresh even with a dog or cat. While each animal is different and will thus have their own unique impact on your home, there are a few furniture tips you can follow to complement your pet-loving lifestyle. Here, the team from Krogen’s Do It Best in Boscobel, WI, shares some of their best advice for furnishing homes with pets.

3 Furniture Tips for Homes With Pets

1. Color Coordinate

Wherever possible, choose furniture and fixtures in colors similar to your pet’s fur. This is especially important for any couches or rugs. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself needing to vacuum frequently to keep visible pet hair at bay. Even though most animals have neutral-colored coats, you can always incorporate accent pieces to add some splashes of color to your space.

2. Consider Area Rugs

furniturePets can have accidents, but hard floors and area rugs are easier to clean than carpets. If your pet has an accident on a rug, you can always spot clean it or hang it to dry. With carpets, however, moisture can sink down into the underlayer, allowing mold, mildew, and odors to thrive. Tile is also an excellent flooring choice, as it resists scratches well.

3. Choose Durable Fabrics

When selecting sofas, loveseats, and other furniture your pet may hop up on, select durable fabrics. Thinner materials may be more prone to damage from their nails. If you already have a couch with fabric on the delicate side, consider laying out blankets or couch covers to keep it protected. If your pet sleeps on your bed, it’s also a good idea to lay out some washable blankets to keep your comforter in good condition.

Krogen’s Do It Best has an ample selection of pet-friendly furniture for animal lovers of all preferences. With more than 65,000 products, including tools and hardware, they also have everything you need to keep your home in excellent condition. Learn more by visiting their website, or call (608) 375-4656 to speak with one of their knowledgeable associates.

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