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When Should I See a Doctor for Ankle Pain? December 29, 2017

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When Should I See a Doctor for Ankle Pain?, Norwich, Connecticut

If you are suffering from chronic ankle pain or swelling, it may be time to see a doctor. Eastern CT Foot Specialists in Norwich, CT, says that severe or recurring discomfort, open wounds, and inflammation are all reasons to make a trip to the emergency room or request a timely office appointment. Learn more below about the signs of a serious ankle condition and when you need to call a physician. 

Ankle Pain & Podiatrists Care Guide 

Emergencies ankle pain

In addition to pain, swelling, and open wounds, there are a few other symptoms that require immediate care from podiatrists. Ankle discomfort accompanied by fever, a warm sensation, or site redness usually indicates a serious condition. Seek quick assistance if you have a fever over 100 F, or if you notice heat emanating from the injury. You should also get emergency help if you suffer trauma causing an ankle or foot deformity. 

Office Visits 

Make an appointment with a doctor if your injury is not an emergency, but your pain and inflammation will still not go away. Patients who have a swollen ankle after a few days of resting at home need an examination. If you are uncomfortable for more than a few weeks after suffering trauma, you should also make an appointment for a doctor’s visit.

In the meantime, get plenty of rest, and elevate your ankle above the level of your heart often to prevent further swelling. You can also use an over the counter pain medication to ease discomfort and help with healing. Finally, consider cold therapy. Place an ice pack on your ankle from 15 to 20 minutes a few times per day. 

Whether your injury is an emergency or needs chronic treatment, seeing a team of local specialists can help you find relief. To make an appointment to treat your ankle pain, call Eastern CT Foot Specialists in Norwich, CT, at (860) 887-3538 and in Windham, CT, at (860) 456-9593. To learn about their services for foot pain or diabetic foot care, visit the website or follow them on Facebook

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