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You Invest in Cleaning Windows–But How Often Should You Power Wash Sidewalks? January 9, 2018

Columbus, Franklin
You Invest in Cleaning Windows–But How Often Should You Power Wash Sidewalks?, Columbus, Ohio

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure your property is clean and well-maintained. This doesn't simply meaning cleaning windows every month. It also includes power washing the sidewalks and parking lot. But how often is enough? Al's Windows - A Marsden Company, the leading window cleaners in Columbus, OH, share their recommendations below.

A Guide to Power Washing After Cleaning Windows


cleaning windowsThe amount of traffic your cement sees a day will help determine how often you should be cleaning it. For example, a parking lot will suffer far more damage than a walkway. Cars can leave behind skid marks and oil leaks that require professional services. That is why it is best to pressurewash parking areas twice a year. 


Weather can greatly affect cement. That is why where you live plays a big role in how often you'll need power washing services. Because Ohio is a moist state, it may require more maintenance than average. In the winter, snow and ice can get into minor cracks and expand as they freeze. This can cause major damage over time. Dirt and debris also make matters worse when left unattended. Keep these surfaces clean by power washing when debris becomes apparent.


Different lots and sidewalks can require different maintenance depending on where they are located in town. When a cemented area is near a park or natural area, it is more likely to be visited by animals. Squirrels, mice, and stray cats can leave a mess behind. At the same time, grass or weeds can potentially overgrow into your lot. If you are in an area surround by nature, you may need to power wash more often.

Keeping your business in top condition means more than simply cleaning windows. Invest in power washing for your cemented areas. Call Al's Windows - A Marsden Company for all of your needs. Not only do they handle residential window cleaning, but high-rise window cleaning as well. With over 50 years of experience, they ensure every job is performed to your satisfaction. For more information, visit their website or call (614) 284-1993 today.

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