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3 Reasons You Should Switch to Winter Tires December 27, 2017

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3 Reasons You Should Switch to Winter Tires, Anchorage, Alaska

Winter tires may be optional in some parts of the country, but in Alaska, they are essential. The technicians at Flat On The Spot Mobile Tire Service in Anchorage, AK, frequently assist drivers who need help facing severe winter with roadside assistance services. Here, they share three reasons why you should install new winter tires.

How You Benefit From Winter Tires

1. Quicker Stops

Winter tires can reduce your stopping distance by 30 feet or more on snowy surfaces. If you suddenly need to slam on the brakes to stop for a red light or avoid hitting a deer, that improved stopping capacity may keep you out of an accident. 

2. Better Control

tiresThe most apparent benefit of installing winter tires is the improved traction and handling during winter weather. More flexible rubber, deeper tire treads, and other important safety features ensure these tires will provide optimal performance even during extreme conditions. All-season tires, on the other hand, often have their performance negatively affected by cold temperatures in wet or dry conditions.

3. Longer Tire Life

Switching between winter and all-season tires will extend the life span of both sets. Not only will the reduced mileage limit regular wear and tear, but using tires only during their intended seasons will also protect them from unexpected damage. This practice can lead to long-term savings on tire maintenance and replacement.

Call a team of professionals to install a set of winter tires and reap these essential benefits. If you live on Alaska’s Cook Inlet, Flat On The Spot Mobile Tire Service will ensure you get home safely. Their mobile team offers a variety of roadside assistance services, including jumpstarts, tire repair, stud pulling, and lockout solutions. To learn more about what this tire shop can do for you, visit them online or call (907) 242-0086 today.

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