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Learn About the Fascinating History of Deli Meat January 13, 2018

New York, Bronx
Learn About the Fascinating History of Deli Meat, New York, New York

The sandwich is one of the most popular foods in the U.S., but that wasn’t always the case. For it to become so ubiquitous, a lot of early food innovators had to create and perfect various types of deli meats. Now, of course, cold cuts and other sliced meat products can be found in stores and restaurants across the country. If you’re a big fan of deli meats, here’s a quick guide to the history behind some of your favorite food items.

How Deli Meats Came to Be

Inventing the Sandwich

Of course, deli meats are most popular on sandwiches, which were created in Europe in the 1700s thanks to the Earl of Sandwich, who has also been credited with popularizing the concept. The sandwich is officially defined as two pieces of bread with something between them, which, in many cases, includes deli meats.

Roman Roots

Some popular deli meats, like bologna, or mortadella, as it’s known as in Italy, have been around since the Roman Empire. In fact, the food is a delicacy there and was said to have fed the Roman army around the turn of the century.

Jewish Delis

deli meatsJewish delis in Eastern Europe have been credited with creating a variety of popular deli meats, ranging from pastrami to corned beef. These delicatessen owners later emigrated to the U.S. and were responsible for growing the popularity of deli meats in the country.

Worldwide Influences

These are just a few of the groups who have contributed to the wide variety of deli meats that are currently available and popular in the U.S. There are also products with Latin American influences and unique spices and flavor profiles from all around the world.


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