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What Is Estate Law? December 26, 2017

Jewett City, New London
What Is Estate Law?, Jewett City, Connecticut

When it comes to any assets or property you own, estate law governs the way these items are handled after your death or if you become incapacitated. Along with items owned, a person’s estate is also comprised any debts or outstanding balances, which must be satisfied before heirs are afforded their designated property and assets. Any issues can lead to costly fees and extended waits, which might leave your family at odds. 

What Topics Are Covered Under Estate Law?

estate lawThere is a range of legal topics covered under estate law. A common topic is the distribution of property, which occurs after the person who owns the property and assets has passed away. Estate planning is another issue, and this entails devising things like wills, trusts, and advanced health care directives. If there is any outstanding debt when you pass, your executor (the person responsible for handling your estate) must oversee debt resolution.

What Can an Estate Lawyer Do?

Many people elect for the services of an estate lawyer if an issue occurs during the planning process. For instance, your family might challenge some aspect of your plan, which could land your estate in probate. An attorney might also be needed to track down undiscovered assets or verify that your will is legally valid.

Not only will the right attorney navigate the complexities of the probate court, but they can also offer guidance on how to avoid the process altogether. Probate is the process of proving a will in court, and it entails showing a will is valid, assets have been valued, debts paid, and belongings distributed to heirs. 


If you have questions regarding estate law in Griswold, CT, attorney Stuart R. Norman Jr. can assist you in navigating what is often a complex process. Learn more about his areas of specialty, including estate, property, and zoning laws, by visiting his firm online. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with this skilled attorney, call (860) 376-0069 today.

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