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Why Enlist a Family Lawyer About Parental Rights & Obligations? December 28, 2017

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Why Enlist a Family Lawyer About Parental Rights & Obligations?, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Most states assign parents certain rights and obligations—like providing a safe space to live—until a child reaches 18 years of age. During some scenarios, such as divorce, when the issue of who is responsible for a minor and how comes into play, a family lawyer is often called upon to help reach agreements and draw up any necessary paperwork to make those decisions legally binding.

Below are a few situations that deal with matters of family rights and obligations and why enlisting an attorney is invaluable:

  • A Child Wants to Emancipate Themselves: If a child is in an abusive or threatening environment, emancipation allows them to terminate their parents’ rights before they turn 18. A family lawyer will help them file the relevant paperwork, compile evidence, and reach out to witnesses to prove to the courts that they can take care of themselves. 
  • family lawAdopting a Stepchild: If stepparents want to make decisions on behalf of their stepchildren, like choosing medical care, schooling, and other important issues, they must first adopt them. During this process, a family lawyer provides indispensable guidance. They’ll explain the legal and financial repercussions, file the relevant paperwork, and prepare you for adoption interviews.
  • Questions Regarding Paternity: It’s common for people to turn to paternity testing when asked to provide support for a child they aren’t certain is theirs. Until the results are in, a family lawyer acts as a point-person between them and their former partner, diffusing tension. They will also provide quality counsel about the best steps to take to handle the issue. 


The laws regarding parental rights and obligations vary state to state. If you need a family lawyer for any of the above issues, choose a local professional who is familiar with the legislation in your area and licensed to practice in your state. For an attorney in Reedsburg, WI, turn to LaRowe Gerlach Taggart LLP Attorneys at Law. They have been serving residents for over 35 years with trustworthy legal advice in a range of practice areas, including family law. They help clients throughout Adams, Columbia, Dane, Juneau, Richland, and Sauk Counties. Learn more about their online. For an appointment, call (608) 524-8231 today.

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