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What Is a Process Server? December 12, 2017

West Plains, Howell
What Is a Process Server?, West Plains, Missouri

American citizens are entitled to certain inalienable rights, such as due process, wherein an individual must be made aware that they are being summoned to court. In many cases, this involves a process server. Many states require hiring one by law, so it’s often a necessary step before proceedings begin. Here is a little background information on what they are and what they do.

What Is a Process Server?

process serverAs mentioned, all citizens have a constitutional right to due process and are entitled to be informed of their summons to court. A process server is the person who is designated to deliver these documents to the accused, including complaints, subpoenas, and writs. They are individuals who are otherwise not involved in the case and usually work in an office that performs a variety of other legal services, such as bail bonds and surety recovery.

What Do They Do? 

Originally, it was up to the local county sheriff to manage and serve the legal documents of individuals. However, it became a challenge to promptly handle such a large amount of cases, so the role of process server was developed. They perform various tasks, including filing paperwork and serving and retrieving documents to and from individuals. Once the papers have been served, the professional needs proof of their delivery which they then return to the person who requested it. This usually comes in the form of a notarized document called an Affidavit of Service, but the laws differ from state to state.


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