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3 Ways an English Tutor Can Help Your Child With Writing Skills December 22, 2017

New York, New York
3 Ways an English Tutor Can Help Your Child With Writing Skills, New York, New York

Mastering written language can be a challenge for some students. From grammar and punctuation to proper spelling and format, there is no shortage of confusing subjects that may easily overwhelm a young learner. Fortunately, an English tutor can provide valuable help; below are three ways tutoring services will give your child a leg up in English.

3 Ways an English Tutor Can Help Your Child With Writing Skills

1. Understand Proper Grammar & How to Use ItEnglish tutor

Grammar is typically one of the first topics an English tutor addresses. As the foundation for all good writing skills, grammar encompasses a variety of lessons, including how to identify and differentiate verbs and nouns; how to use punctuation; and how to format a sentence. This knowledge then becomes the build block upon which all further instruction is based; with a strong grasp of the fundamentals, a student will confidently move forward in their writing abilities.

2. Format Paragraphs & Essays

There are specific rules regarding how paragraphs and essays should be formatted. An English tutor will go over this important information with your child, introducing them to everything from what elements make a good paragraph to how paragraphs are plotted and arranged in an essay. Your child will also learn how to recognize and remedy run-on sentences and sentence fragments, further strengthening their writing skills.

3. Gain an All-Encompassing View of Writing

Any writing—even just an answer to an essay question—needs to have certain components to make for compelling reading. An English tutor gives students an all-encompassing view of what good writing entails beyond the basics of grammar and style. Developing voice, writing for a certain audience, and creating narratives are just a sampling of what your child will learn.


If you live in the East Village area, trust the English tutors at FasTracKids. FasTracKids offers a variety of academic support services, including after-school programs, preschool, and English and math tutors. Call (718) 260-8100, visit them online, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter to enroll.

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