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What Is Pet Insurance & What Does It Cover? December 4, 2017

Houston, Texas
What Is Pet Insurance & What Does It Cover?, Houston, Missouri

Did you know you can purchase insurance to promote the health and happiness of your beloved pet? It operates a bit like health coverage for humans. If you've never heard of such a thing, Mitchell Insurance Agency in Texas County, MO, wants to introduce you to what it is, what it covers, and why you might need it.

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance in Houston, MOPet insurance began in Sweden in the late 19th century as financial protection against the loss of livestock, but the first U.S. policy was not written until 1982, to cover Hollywood's beloved collie, Lassie. Today, you can buy plans from a wide selection of insurers to protect yourself against the costs of pet injuries and illnesses. Many common medical procedures are expensive, but users can defray many of these expenses by purchasing coverage and paying a fixed monthly or yearly premium. This enables many clients to afford treatments or procedures that are otherwise financially out of reach.

What Pet Insurance Does & Does Not Cover

Pet insurance almost always includes treatment for injuries and illnesses, as well as surgeries and regular veterinary exams. It covers many prescription medications, diagnostics, and imaging procedures such as ultrasound, MRI, and cat scans. You can purchase optional coverage that pays for matters like "lost pet" advertising and a reward for a safe return, as well as boarding kennel fees and behavioral therapies. It does not cover pre-existing conditions or routine care, such as dental cleaning or vaccinations. It also does not include cosmetic treatments, such as tail or ear docking, nor the cost of spay or neuter surgery.

If you seek coverage for your beloved pet, contact Mitchell Insurance Agency, the most trusted seller of home, life, and car insurance in Houston, MO. For over 65 years, they've helped customers throughout Texas County find the coverage they need at rates they can afford. To visit their office in person, check out their website to view a map and office hours. Otherwise, call them at (417) 967-2140 to discuss your options.

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