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3 Tips for Powering Through Stains in Residential Swimming Pools December 5, 2017

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3 Tips for Powering Through Stains in Residential Swimming Pools, Kihei, Hawaii

Swimming pools are supposed to be your backyard escape—a place to relax, to entertain, and to enjoy some fun in the sun. However, if you have stains across the floor of your pool or creeping up the sides, it can be difficult to enjoy your backyard oasis. The team at Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, wants to help. They share a few simple tips to make getting rid of even the most stubborn pool stains a breeze.

3 Tips for Removing Stains in Swimming Pools

1. Identify the Cause of the Stain

There are two main categories of pool stains: metallic and organic. Metallic stains are often brown in color and the result of degrading metal from pipes, cleaning equipment, and even your pool’s filtration system. Organic stains are caused by algae, plant matter, and seed pods from nearby trees. Since the stains are caused by different things, they’ll require different cleaning methods to remove them. The sooner you know which type of stain you have, the sooner you’ll be able to start cleaning your pool.

2. Chlorinate the Water

Swimming PoolsYou likely already treat your pool with chlorine, but in higher concentrations, it can be used to help eliminate stains. Super chlorinate your water so the pH value is between 7.4 and 7.6. Make sure to test the water before you start cleaning. Then, use a stiff brush and scrub each stain thoroughly. Unless the stains have been sitting there for a long time, you should see improvement. Wait at least 24 hours for the chlorine levels to return to normal before swimming. 

3. Use Commercial Stain Cleaner

If you have multiple stains or found scrubbing the stains away to be difficult, you can try using a commercial stain cleaner. These products are available at your local pool supply store and treat both organic and metallic stains. Simply follow the directions on the package and your pool should look as good as new.

Stains can make even the cleanest swimming pools look dirty, but Pool Pro is ready to help you get your pool back in shape. Whether you’re looking for help removing stubborn stains or need to schedule professional pool service with an experienced team, their crew has the training and tools required to get the job done right. Learn more about their pool maintenance online and start enjoying your swim sessions again. To schedule an appointment for swimming pool maintenance or to inquire about specific pool supplies, call (808) 879-3294.

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