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5 Mistakes Families Make When Looking for Assisted Living December 5, 2017

White Plains, Westchester
5 Mistakes Families Make When Looking for Assisted Living, White Plains, New York

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one is a huge decision and one that families often struggle to make. Where will your loved one be happiest? Which facility will give him or her the best care? CarePatrol of New York, an assisted living placement service in Westchester County, highlights these five mistakes that families make when looking for a community. 

What to Avoid Doing When Looking for Assisted Living

1. Basing Decisions on Appearances 

Even the most beautiful, well-outfitted assisted living community might not be the best choice for your loved one. Appearances are deceiving. How a facility looks does not reveal how high their standard of care is, how experienced their staff is, or what kind of social opportunities they offer.  

2. Not Thinking About Specialties

Not every community is equipped with the right staff and facilities for specific conditions like memory care or limited mobility. Think about what care your loved one needs now and what they might need in the future. Your family may want to provide as much stability as possible. 

3. Letting Guilt Influence Them

Assisted LivingChoosing an assisted living community or nursing home is a tough choice because it tends to elicit guilt. But not every family can manage or afford in-home care, especially for seniors with specialized needs. Don’t be influenced by guilt into choosing a facility that’s not the best fit. 

4. Not Looking Enough

A common mistake is not choosing from between a large number of facilities. Some families become overwhelmed with the choices and quickly settle on one, without giving serious consideration to other possibilities. 

5. Taking Recommendations From Friends

While it’s a good idea to get recommendations from the people you know, don’t assume that your loved one will thrive in a certain community because a friend’s loved one does. Consider their needs and make the best decision for your family.

When you’re deciding on an assisted living facility, an expert service like CarePatrol of New York will help. Their team will accompany you on tours to help you make the best decision for your loved one. Call them at (914) 357-8084 to begin the search. Visit their website to learn more. 

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