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A Greenhouse's Top 5 Tips for Fall & Winter Container Gardening November 29, 2017

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A Greenhouse's Top 5 Tips for Fall & Winter Container Gardening, Quaker City, Ohio

Container gardening does not have to end when the weather turns cool. Plenty of plants you can easily find at a greenhouse stand up to chilly temperatures so you can enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers year round. Enjoy success with the following tips from the experts at Sunnyside Greenhouse in Quaker City, OH.

5 Tips For Fall & Winter Container Gardening

1. Plant Early

Plant your vegetables and flowers early in the fall so they have plenty of time to establish healthy root systems before the first cold snap. The soil is warmer during the fall, and there is usually a greater chance of rain.

2. Keep Your Hardiness Zone In Mind

greenhouseFind out your US Hardiness Zone if you do not know it already before choosing your plants. Container ones are more vulnerable to cold weather than those in the ground, so it is best to select plants from a zone that is twice as cold as yours. Cold-weather-resistant annuals and perennials you can find at a greenhouse include coral bells, lamb’s ear, smokebush, flowering kales and cabbages, sages, and flaxes.

3. Choose Cold-Weather-Resistant Planters

Select planters that stand up to cold weather to keep your plants extra warm throughout the fall and winter. Look for options made of stone, metal, thick plastic, fiberglass, and concrete. Hollow log planters also work well. Elevate them so they do not freeze and stick to the ground.

4. Find Out the First Frost Date

Learn the estimated date of the first frost to avoid encouraging new growth with fertilization. Stop fertilizing your plants six to eight weeks before the first frost, as new growth will not survive the chill and can weaken the plant overall.

5. Water Only When the Soil Is Dry

Water only when the soil in your container plants is completely dry, particularly when you know a drop in the temperature is coming. This avoids problems with frozen plants, frozen soil, and similar issues that can damage your vegetables and flowers.

Find the best plants for fall and winter container gardening at Sunnyside Greenhouse. In business since 1996, the family-owned and -operated garden center sells only the healthiest, most beautiful annuals and perennials to residents in and around Cambridge, St. Clairsville, Barnesville, and Steubenville, OH. Bulk garden seeds, bulk mulch, and gardening accessories are also sold here. Call (740) 489-5060 today to discuss your gardening needs, or visit the website to learn more about the extensive inventory. 

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