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Shoe Repair Service Explains How to Waterproof Shoes November 21, 2017

Brighton, Monroe
Shoe Repair Service Explains How to Waterproof Shoes, Brighton, New York

Rain and snow can be a menace to all kinds of shoes, especially when it comes to leather. Over time, excess moisture leaves many materials dry, faded, and cracked. Fortunately, there are a few relatively easy options for waterproofing footwear.

Here, the sole specialists at Sofia Shoe Repair Service, in Rochester, NY, share a few proven methods:

  • Beeswax: Get a block of beeswax and rub it evenly on the surface of your shoes. Try to cover every spot, as uniformity will prevent discoloration. After you've massaged the beeswax into your shoes, blow dry it. Once it’s fully absorbed, your shoes will be water-resistant, if not completely waterproof. 
  • shoe repairWaterproof Compounds: There are plenty of options on the market designed to help boots and shoes wick away water. These weather protectants and leather preservatives work by covering the shoe in a protective layer that keeps out moisture.
  • Home Remedies: If you need to waterproof your shoes but don't have the time or money to get your hands on beeswax or a shoe product, you may be able to find a solution right at home. Take a candle and rub it over your shoes, just like you would do with the beeswax, then blow dry them on high until the waxy shine fades. Though the candle might be worse off, it should work well compared to professional shoe wax products.

If you want your favorite pair to last through the next rainfall, turn to Sofia Shoe Repair Service. They have over 72 years of experience restoring and protecting boots, dress shoes, and fine footwear. The expert cobblers at Sofia Shoe Repair Service call themselves perfectionists, and their clients know why—they do everything they can to exceed expectations in every pair of soles entrusted to their shop. Visit the website to learn more about their shoe repair services, or call them directly at (585) 708-7889. 

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