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5 Reasons Why After-School Programs Are Important for City Kids November 6, 2017

Greenwich, Fairfield County
5 Reasons Why After-School Programs Are Important for City Kids, Greenwich, Connecticut

With the school year underway, you may be wondering what to do with your child each afternoon. Most schools let out well before the workday is through, and without a reliable sitter or parent at home, your child may spend the afternoon alone or at a friend’s house.

While some children are responsible enough to walk home alone and complete their homework each day, it’s easy to get distracted—or worse, fall into trouble. To ensure their child’s safety and success when they are not around, many parents in big cities turn to after-school programs.

5 Reasons Why After-School Programs are Important for City Kids

1. A Safe Space Every Afternoon

Navigating the city is difficult for many adults and can be even harder for children. In addition to “stranger danger,” children are more vulnerable to speeding cars and getting lost on the subway. Luckily, many after-school programs provide secure transportation to a set location where your child will spend their afternoon until you pick them up.

2. Enriching Experiences

After-school sports clubs, art classes, and dance lessons provide your child the opportunity to socialize and learn new skills. These experiences extend beyond traditional academics and home life and can influence your child’s success years down the line.

3. New & Exciting Skills

after-school programMany inner-city children do not have the opportunity to go swimming, learn archery, or play on a team unless it is provided by their school—or if their parents pay for private lessons. After-school programs allow children to explore all of these activities and more without breaking the bank.

4. College Preparedness

As most parents know, good grades are not enough to ensure your child’s entry into a reputable college. Universities are looking for students who offer the complete package and engage in a number of extracurricular activities. Sports programs, swim lessons, and other after-school activities will lay the foundation for hobbies and skills that may one day influence your child’s admission.

5. Help for Working Families

In a city as expensive as New York, many homes feature two working parents. While dual incomes keep families financially secure, they often leave children without care. After-school programs bridge that gap by providing parents a safe and positive place to send their child each afternoon. These programs keep children out of trouble and doing their best, even when their parents aren’t around to supervise.


If you are interested in a sports-based after-school program for your child, contact Corbin’s Crusaders After School and Summer Day Camp by calling (212) 875-8174. They cater to children in New York, NY, and Greenwich, CT. For information on their programs and rates, visit them online today.

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