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5 Pet Care Strategies for Flying With Your Dog October 23, 2017

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5 Pet Care Strategies for Flying With Your Dog, Clermont, Georgia

An airplane journey can be difficult for even the most experienced traveler. Add your dog to the mix, and planning can become more hectic. From booking a direct flight to packing toys, there are some simple pet care steps to take to ease the process of traveling with a dog.

5 Pet Care Tips for Air Travel With Dogs

1. Alert the Airline

Make the appropriate arrangements with the respective airline in advance. Check their standards regarding carriers and ensure yours is up to speed. Additionally, ask about identification requirements. As a bare minimum, tape your phone number and destination address to the crate.

2. Pack Appropriately

In addition to food and treats, pack a water supply for your dog. A water-drip container is ideal—make sure to teach your pup how to drink from it in advance. Also pack a comfort item, like a piece of worn clothing that smells like you.

3. Plan the Trip to the Airport

veterinarianBefore your pup faces an airplane, you have to get them to the airport. Will they ride freely or in a crate? Do you need another person to ride with you to watch the dog while you drive? How much extra time should you plan to get to the airport?

4. Prep Your Dog Physically

Before you take your furry friend in an airplane, check that they don’t experience motion sickness. You can test this out with a car ride. This is also an opportunity to get your pet used to their crate or carrier.

5. Visit the Airport

Plan a test visit to the airport. This gives your dog the chance to get used to sights and smells of this new space. When they arrive at the airport on the actual travel day, they’ll be familiar with the surroundings.


If you are concerned about flying with your dog, consult your veterinarian. For advice in Hall County, GA, look to Clermont Veterinary Hospital. This family-owned pet care facility has been serving the community since 1960. Dr. Fred Ingle and his team are known for their compassionate care, which makes pets feel at ease. Visit their website for a comprehensive list of services. For an appointment, call (770) 983-7851.

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