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How Replacement Windows Can Help Lower Your Electricity Bill September 22, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
How Replacement Windows Can Help Lower Your Electricity Bill, Lincoln, Nebraska

Replacement windows do much more than improve your home’s overall aesthetics. When they’re installed correctly, they can also help lower utility bills. But what is it about this home improvement project that is so effective at minimizing energy costs?

Continue reading to find out the top four reasons why replacement windows make your home more energy-efficient:

  • replacement windowsEliminates Drafts: Drafts can increase the demand placed on your home’s heating and cooling system due to the significant amount of air that can either escape or enter. Depending on the season, air leaks contribute to unwanted heat gain or loss, which pushes your HVAC system to its peak load. Replacement windows come with better insulation which eliminates drafts for a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. There are also different ways of installing windows to make them more or less efficient. Our knowledgeable representatives can educate you on those differences.

  • Reflects Solar Waves: Replacement windows with low E-coatings offer heat gain reduction for maximum thermal efficiency. Windows that come with low E-coating and are filled with either argon or krypton gas effectively reflect solar waves to help maintain optimal indoor temperature.

  • Long-Term Savings: According to Energy Star®, replacing single pane windows with energy-efficient replacement windows can save you anywhere from $126 to $465 a year. These are also far more durable compared to traditional glass windows, effectively saving you even more money in the long run.

If you’re interested in energy-efficient replacement windows, call Innovations Siding & Windows at (402) 423-­8831 to help make it happen. This family-owned and -operated company has been installing energy-efficient windows, seamless steel siding, and seamless gutters in Lincoln, NE, for more than 20 years. To learn more about the products and services they offer, check out their website today.

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