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Whiplash, Neck Pain and Trigger Points August 31, 2017

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Whiplash, Neck Pain and Trigger Points, Lincoln, Nebraska

Whiplash, Neck Pain and Trigger Points

Whiplash occurs when the muscles in your neck suffer a strain because of a rapid movement backward and then forward. The sudden motion causes your neck’s tendons and ligaments to stretch and tear, resulting in “whiplash”.

Many actions can cause whiplash including car accidents, contact sports such as football, boxing, and karate, horseback riding, cycling accidents, falls in which the head violently jerks backward and any blow to the head.

Car accidents, especially when hit from behind, frequently result in whiplash symptoms. It is not unusual for injury-related pain after a car accident to be delayed, and in many cases you may not even know you have a serious injury until weeks or months later. Neck pain is the most common symptom in whiplash injury being reported by 90% of patients. This pain can radiate across the shoulders and up the neck into the head. Along with neck pain, other delayed pain can be headaches, back pain, numbness and tingling, abdominal pain and emotional pain and suffering.

Studies show that up to 40% of people who hurt their necks in car accidents end up with chronic pain and loss of neck motion and trigger points are largely involved in the cause of pain and restriction of movement. A study (2012) from the University of Grenada in Spain showed that people with higher levels of neck pain were more likely to have trigger points and more of them. This study indicated that the longer trigger points were present after the accident, the more likely they stimulate the nervous system, and the less time it takes to set more trigger points off.

Myofascial trigger points cause pain and restriction of the neck and shoulders. Treating the trigger points is an obvious conclusion to getting relief of whiplash symptoms. For more information or to schedule an appointment, Call Christine at 402-228-8955 or visit the web site

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