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3 Clear-Cut Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration August 10, 2017

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3 Clear-Cut Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration, Honolulu, Hawaii

Extensive water damage is usually visible, especially if the cause is obvious. But as A-1 Spotless Carpet Cleaning explains, a small water leak will often go undetected by homeowners. They offer water removal and mold remediation services in Honolulu, HI, and they share a few ways to determine you need professional service.

3 Signs You’re Dealing With Water Damage

1. Walls & Floors Are Changing Shape

If your foundation is saturated, the water damage will affect your floors. When it accumulates in your sub-flooring, it might not feel wet, but you may notice that your wood or laminate flooring is warped, or that tiles peel.

Water damage is also apparent in the walls. Bloated walls are easy to recognize, but even minimal swelling and cracking or bubbling paint can be a red flag.

2. Stains or Mold

water damageIf you notice that your floors have darkened, as is common in bathrooms and laundry rooms, investigate further. Similarly, black, brown, or green mold indicates that you’re dealing with water damage. Mold is a health risk and must be taken care of immediately to avoid putting you and your loved ones in danger.

3. Musty Odor

The smell will be strongest in the area with the most severe harm. You can detect water damage early by paying attention to the humidity level in your home. If any water is present, then the air will be more humid or wet than normal.

Do you suspect water damage in your home? Give A-1 Spotless Carpet Cleaning a call at (808) 674-2000 to assess the situation, dry and dehumidify the space, and perform necessary water restoration services. Their experts will inspect your home with infrared cameras to detect invisible water damage. You can find out more information about their services on their website

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