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Massage Therapist Explains Trigger Point Release Therapy July 28, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Massage Therapist Explains Trigger Point Release Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska

Chronic pain can make it difficult to lead a productive, satisfying life. If you’re suffering from this condition, find a massage therapist who offers trigger point release therapy. This technique is useful as both a pain management tool and a stress reliever.

Massage-Therapist-Lincoln-NETrigger point release therapy is based on the idea of referred pain. Imagine that a trigger point forms on a muscle near your shoulder. The pain from that trigger point can then cause pain in your neck and head. For people who suffer from chronic tension headaches and similar conditions, it can be difficult to find relief because the root cause of the pain is located elsewhere in the body.

Trigger points can form for a variety of reasons, ranging from injuries to muscle clenching. During trigger point therapy, a massage therapist works to release the tension in the muscle. Their methods vary depending on your needs. Often, the massage therapist identifies the point and applies gentle but firm pressure, releasing it periodically to ease out the tension.

Some people feel immediate pain relief during their first trigger point therapy session. Others may need multiple sessions before they begin to experience results. Following treatment, you may experience mild soreness. This is natural. It’s also not uncommon for people to feel somewhat fatigued after treatment, although many feel more energized following a session. As your muscle tension diminishes, you can expect your body to adjust. 

Ask your massage therapist if it’s safe to return to normal physical activities after your treatment. They may recommend a self-care regimen that involves a period of rest. For the best results, follow their suggestions.


If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, trigger point release therapy may help. At Trigger Point Myotherapy in Lincoln, NE, Christine will carefully assess your needs, providing the right treatment for your condition. Contact her online to learn more and call (402) 228-8955.

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