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Trigger Points May Be The Cause of Your Muscle Pain? July 12, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Trigger Points May Be The Cause of Your Muscle Pain?, Lincoln, Nebraska


I always hurt but medical tests do not show any cause for my pain. Is it possible that trigger points are responsible for my pain?”

In his article, “Understanding Myofascial Pain”, Dr Robert Bennett of the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation writes “myofascial pain syndromes may mimic a large number of other disorders”. Trigger points can co-exist with other conditions as well as mimic the symptoms of many medical conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain, bursitis, rotator cuff pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, sciatic pain, jaw pain.  If you aren’t getting relief of pain from your current treatment, talk to a Nationally Certified Trigger Point Therapist.

Treating each trigger point is relatively simple. Treating the whole myofascial pain syndrome so that pain fully goes away is a more complicated process. Trigger Point Pressure Release [Travell & Simons] involves applying pressure with a finger or other instrument to the trigger point and increasing the pressure as the trigger point "releases" and softens. There are a number of variations on this technique and a skilled practitioner will choose which is right for each patient and muscle treated.

Although many healthcare professionals are aware of trigger points, a Nationally Certified Trigger Point Therapist has in-depth training in identifying and fully treating myofascial pain due to trigger points. The Nationally Certified Therapist follows a proven treatment protocol [Travell & Simons] to successfully alleviate your myofascial pain. This treatment may include a medical history, posture analysis, muscle range of motion testing, a trigger point release method, addresses precipitating and perpetuating factors and provides a home program to complete treatment. For more information Call Trigger Point Myotherapy at 402-228-8955.

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