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Meet Massage Therapist Christine Beckman! June 15, 2017

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Meet Massage Therapist Christine Beckman!, Lincoln, Nebraska

A recent study has found that over 25 million adults in the United States are living with chronic pain. As awareness grows about the dangers of prescription painkillers, many people are seeking alternative forms of treatment for their pain and discomfort. One alternative treatment which has gained traction in recent decades is trigger point therapy. This form of therapy, when performed by a licensed massage therapist, can be more effective than prescription drugs at providing effective long-term pain management.

If you are in the Lincoln, NE, and would like to give trigger point therapy a try, visit Trigger Point Myotherapy. There, you will be treated by massage therapist and registered nurse, Christine Beckman. 

Since graduating from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with a Bachelor’s degree in 1980, Christine Beckman has devoted her life to healthcare. She worked as a registered nurse for 22 years, and while she loved the job, a personal experience introduced her to the world of trigger point therapy and set her on a new career path.

Back in 2005, Beckman was in a mountain biking accident that injured her shoulders, neck, and knees. The pain persisted for a year and began to spread, causing hip and back pain, as well as constant headaches. In her search for relief, Beckman was introduced to myofascial and trigger point release therapy through a self-help book.

massage therapistThrough her research, Beckman learned that the myofascial trigger points along her body were contributing to her chronic pain. Although her particular condition required her to seek out treatment from another massage therapist, her interest in this form of therapy was piqued, and so she returned to school to specialize in trigger point therapy.

In 2006, Christine Beckman completed a 160-hour specialized training and earned her Associate Degree in Applied Science in Massage Therapy from the Myotherapy Institute in Lincoln, NE. Since obtaining her massage therapy license, she has worked to help patients overcome their pain and discomfort. Today, she is the lead therapist at Trigger Point Myotherapy.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with this skilled and experienced massage therapist, call (402) 228-8955. For more information on the benefits of trigger point release therapy, visit the Trigger Point Myotherapy website today.

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